Poor Posture and Upper Back Hump

Book with a Chiropractor for Bad Posture in Terrace

Book with a Chiropractor for Bad Posture in Terrace, Canada

Stand taller with poor posture chiropractor services from the team at SpineFit. Our facility offers effective chiropractic care at prices that you can afford. A chiropractor for bad posture can help correct issues that may keep you from standing or sitting properly. Call now to book your initial visit.

Can a Chiropractor Fix Bad Posture?

Correcting posture with chiropractic treatments is a non-invasive way to solve issues keeping you from maintaining proper posture. Poor posture may be the result of a variety of issues, including :
  • Occupational routines
  • Muscle weakness
  • Injuries
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor footwear

Poor posture can also lead to various health issues. You may experience back pain, body aches, muscle fatigue, and headaches. Without correcting the problem, poor posture can also increase your risk of developing spinal dysfunction, rounded shoulders, and joint degeneration, all of which can lead to chronic pain.

If forward head posture is not corrected it can lead to a “grannie or dowager’s” HUMP on the upper back. As the head moves forward gravity slowly pulls the spine into a HUMP. These HUMPs can be quite painful and a site of degeneration in the spinal discs and joints. Caught early enough, we have treatment procedures to help reduce or prevent further hump formation.

No matter the cause of your poor posture, a chiropractor’s correct posture treatment may help you stand straight. However, correcting posture with chiropractic treatments also requires a commitment on your part. You need to continue practicing good posture to reduce the risk of your current symptoms reappearing.

Poor Posture Chiropractor Services in Terrace

SpineFit is a trusted option for all your chiropractic needs, including correcting posture with chiropractic treatments. Can a chiropractor fix bad posture? In most cases, yes. However, we first need to assess your situation. Dr. Davis Lindsay is ready to develop the correct posture treatment for you. Book your consultation today.