“The Truth, The Way, And The Life”

I believe God is saying, “Enough is enough; it is time to let my people go.” This book is designed to free you from slavery – the slavery of lies, deception, fear, and the illness that society has been locked into for about sixty years. Most people by the time they are sixty-five are taking six or more medications. Usually it starts with one medication, then you have to deal with the effects of the first one, which then leads to another and another.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to decrease your stress and increase your energy? Would you like to truly be healthy in your body, mind, and spirit? Would you like to know the truth? this book attempts to present the truth about health based on timeless principles and the latest scientific research. This book does not promise any easy, quick-fix solutions, just real, honest, and proven methods that you can use to be as healthy as possible. God has great things planned for your life, and using these principles will allow you to break free from fear, ignorance, and bad habits. Knowing the truth and following the way of health sets you free to live the abundant life that you deserve.

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